Peanuts is our Children’s reading group, where we perform songs, nursery rhymes, stories, and many different social activities. Having children engage in literacy-related activities as early as possible will help them develop the necessary skills for good communication later in life. We select our material with our children in mind, helping to instill a social awareness. We choose nursery tales, songs and stories about family life that have a simple sentence structure.

At Peanuts, we try and make the story come alive by using different voices and facial expressions. When a child hears different sounds, not only does the story become more fun, but this also helps the child develop critical listening skills. And remember, children never get bored of hearing their favorite books over and over again. They need to hear the repetition of language to develop literacy skills.

Peanuts is looking for individuals in the area that would also like to participate, whether it’s reading your favorite short story or bringing your guitar to sing some of your fondest children songs. We are about empowering our children through education and social awareness.